Dead Poets Society Night – December 19

Rowers Reading Series and the Art Bar Poetry series are co-presenting the 15th annual Dead Poets Society Night at 7:00 pm on December 19 at Supermarket. The event is hosted by poet David Clink. Poetry of dead poets is read in tribute by live writers from the community. Hope to see you there! Here are the readers and poets:

Live Readers

Suzanne Bowness; Lara Bozabalian; Philip Cairns; Ron Charach; David Chilton; Carolyn Clink; Patrick Connors; James Dewar; Sonia Di Placido; Kate Marshall Flaherty; Michael Fraser; Devon Gallant; Cynthia Gould; Catherine Graham; Nancy Jane Bullis Greer; Amber Homeniuk; Stephen Humphrey; Andréa Jarmai; Sandra Kasturi; Francine P. Lewis; Lois Lorimer; Carol Malyon; Bruce Meyer; Edward Nixon; John Oughton; Gianna Patriarca; Ruth Roach Pierson; Sue Reynolds; Stan Rogal; Mary Rykov; David Silverberg; Josh Smith; Halli Villegas; Myna Wallin; Elana Wolff; Heather Wood.

Dead Poets

Anna Akhmatova; Yosano Akiko; John Ashbery; W. H. Auden; Margaret Avison; Nik Beat; Elizabeth Bishop; Roberto Bolaño; Kildare Dobbs; Gord Downie; Rishma Dunlop; T. S. Eliot; Maggie Estep; Connie Fife; Robert Frost; Phyllis Gotlieb; Ernest Hemingway; Gerard Manley Hopkins; Ted Hughes; Zaccheus Jackson-Nyce; Maxine Kumin; Irving Layton; Pat Lowther; Antonino Mazza; Marilyn Monroe; Susanna Moodie; Vladimir Nabakov; Kenneth Patchen; Irina Ratushinskaya; Adrienne Rich; Libby Scheier; Rosemary Tonks; Richard Wilbur; C. D. Wright; James Wright; W. B. Yeats.

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