Our features are selected well in advance and must be approved by the Rowers board. We do much of our planning in the first months of the year in advance of the Canada Council for the Arts (June) and Ontario Arts Council  (February) grant deadlines. Additional planning takes place in the summer around the time of the Toronto Arts Council August grant deadline. In order to be considered for an invitation to appear in the Rowers Reading Series, publishers or publicists are welcome to submit an author with a biography and details about the author’s most recent title with any relevant press clippings or award details. We prefer submissions that are made well in advance of the proposed reading dates.

Rowers now runs the first Tuesday (or occasionally the second Tuesday) of the month October through June, so please do not pitch us for summer or mid-month dates! Rowers also specially invites a certain number of authors to feature at our series, so we are unfortunately unable to accommodate all submission requests. We have approximately only 36 slots per year, and we balance genre, gender, diversity and arts council priority groups when making our selections. Please keep in mind that only published authors of one full book or the spoken word equivalent will be considered. We will consider self-published authors who are eligible for Writers’ Union of Canada membership.

When making submissions, please include information about the availability of the author in Toronto. Does the author live in Toronto and do they have a flexible schedule? (Please note we appreciate and look more favourably upon Toronto-based authors who supported our series and attended our events in the past.)

If you are submitting an out-of-town author, please let us know if you are planning to tour the author in the GTA on a certain date and whether you have travel funding for your author. We appreciate both local and out-of-town authors who can promote their appearances and encourage local friends, family and fans to attend their readings. Also note that the certain months are extremely popular (i.e., spring and fall dates).

If you are an author and would like to be considered for the series, please have your publisher or publicist submit your review materials on your behalf. Submissions should be sent to Heather Wood, Artistic Director, rowerspubreadingseries [at] gmail [dot] com. Please note that we track and log all submissions even if we are unable to provide a personal reply.